we insist on customers' satisfaction with a variety of metal printing

Low pollution, recyclable material, and energy saving.

Steel cans are eco-friendly products that perfectly keep the taste of food, beverage, or any other contents. They can be 100% recycled and oxidative decomposed in natural environment. Metal materials are also renewable. Steel cans prevent contribution to pollution.


Tai Yeng is capable for a variety of metal printing, DRD cans and high-value-added products printing is one of Tai Yeng’s excellences.

Food cans

Fish, Vegetables and Beverages, etc.

Two-piece cans

Fish, Vegetables and Peanut gluten, etc.

Aerosol spray cans

Insecticides, Oils and Oils sanitary aromatics, etc.

Milk & flour powders

Milk powder, Flour and Oatmeal, etc.

Other products

Cookies boxes, Candies boxes, Gift boxes